Singing to the Cows

Singing to the Cows
by Terry Kirkuff Drury

I got up to the hill tonight just a little too late for sunset
but the crimson twilight colors in the sky were not gone yet
I looked down to the field below at the cows so far away
so I sat down to sing my song as the night time took the day

I’m singing to the cows tonight, singing to the cows
I’m out here in the pale moonlight, just singing to the cows tonight

Well, I had no idea I was putting on a concert for free
but when I looked down to that field again,
those cows had all come over to me
And if you listen carefully you can even hear them chew
I wish that you were here with me so you could hear them, too

So if you’re ever feeling lonely, and if you’re ever feeling blue
You can come out and sing to the cows, they’ll be here waiting for you
The best thing about the cows is that they don’t care if you sing off key
I know that they will listen to you because they all came over to me

Out in the pale moonlight
When things go all wrong you can make it alright
Out in the pale moonlight
Just Singing to the cows tonight